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Quality education for African, Hispanic, and Asian Americans

Nearly every American believes that education is a critical issue when it comes to advancing our society.  For some, a quality K-12 education and admission to a top University are taken granted.  For others, it may be the only potential path to financial stability. 

And while politicians continue to emphasize its importance and make hallow campaign promises, the overall quality of education compared to other countries continues to erode, and the disparity between schools in wealthy versus poor neighborhoods continues to widen.


Education News Channels


Affirmative Action


Disparities in K-12 academic performance
The National Assessment of Educational Progress, conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, compares test scores for each ethnic group for:






U.S. History

Affirmative Action
effective civil rights program or unfair quota system?  Click here to learn about Affirmative Action in public education
Diversity at colleges and universities
- Does Diversity Make a Difference? (Center for Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Equity) - three research studies on diversity in college classrooms
Scholarships for people of color

United Negro College Fund

Hispanic Scholarship Fund Institute

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Hispanic College Fund

Latino College Dollars

More links to scholarships for African Americans

More links to scholarships for Hispanic Americans

Education organizations

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU)

National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (NAFEO)

Quality Education for Minorities Network

Center for Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Equity

Historically Black Colleges and Universities Network

Black Collegian Online

Black Alliance for Educational Options

Tribal College Journal


The 100 Best Colleges for African-American Students

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