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Political power is critical to the advancement of African, Hispanic, and Asian Americans in society.  It provides the avenue to establish and enforce laws that affect all Americans.  Just look at our laws surrounding civil rights, immigration, and affirmative action. 

Ethnic minorities are highly under-represented in politics.  While 13% of the population is African American, only 7% of the members of Congress are African American.   10% of the population is Hispanic, compared to 4% members of Congress.  For Asian Americans, 3% of the population compared to 1% Congressional members.

It is not just elected politicians that possess political power.  We must also consider political appointments and the diversity of the staffs of our elected officials.  

The interests of African, Hispanic, and Asian Americans can be properly represented by:

  1. Encouraging African, Hispanic, and Asian Americans to run for elected offices and helping them get elected.

  2. Electing politicians who will support laws that help African, Hispanic, and Asian Americans in key issues, such as immigration, education, civil rights, and affirmative action.

  3. Registering to vote.


Political News
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Register to Vote at

This site includes links to voter registration and instructions for each state, some in Spanish.

Minorities do have a presence in Congress
click here for a full list of all African, Hispanic, and Asian American members of Congress, including links to their websites.
Congressional caucuses

Congressional Black Caucus

Congressional Hispanic Caucus

Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus

Political organizations
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Additional links

Hispanic Americans in Congress 1822 - 1995 (GPO publication)


Asian American Politics

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