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Corporate Culture and Diversity

Most people would agree that cultural diversity in the workplace utilizes our country's skills to its fullest, and contributes to our overall growth and prosperity.  The reality of the situation is that it hasn't happened and progress remains slow.  While we are in the midst of the longest period of economic growth this country has ever seen, the gap between the "haves" and "have nots" continues to widen. 

One of the reasons for this has been the lack of diversity in corporate America.   By not developing a diverse workforce from the top down, African, Hispanic (Latino), and Asian Americans are unfairly relegated to lower-skilled, lower-pay positions and are not able to fulfill their true potential.  Many corporations have recognized that diversity contributes to the bottom line by:  making it easier to retain good employees, lowering costs by developing skills in-house, and developing a reputation that helps attract new employees.   This is especially important with the economy doing so well, and the demand for skilled labor at record levels.

If you are an African, Hispanic (Latino), or Asian American trying to advance your career, working for a company that values workplace diversity is extremely important.  This will give you a good indication whether your employer will value your contributions, grant you promotions, train you to take on more responsibility, and pay you accordingly.

What is diversity?  Here are some key indicators that help provide a proper definition for diversity:

  • Diversity at the Officer, Board of Director, and Senior management levels

  • Diversity amongst the highest salaried employees in the company

  • Diversity amongst the company's workforce as a whole

  • Recruiting for new hires in Ethnic American publications

  • Recruiting at Ethnic American cultural or professional events

  • Membership in Ethnic American professional organizations

  • Charitable contributions to Ethnic American organizations

Cultural diversity

Corporate Diversity News

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Statistics on workplace diversity

The Agenda Diversity 100 - top diverse Board candidates you've never heard of

U.S. workforce diversity (2006) - workforce diversity statistics, broken down by ethnicity and occupation (i.e. management, professional, clerical, etc.)

U.S. workforce diversity by state (2006)

U.S. workforce diversity by city (2006)

U.S. workforce diversity by industry (2006)

Glossary for reading these reports - including occupation definitions

NAICS list - alphabetical listing by industry

Additional links

Social Investment Analyst Research Network (SIRAN) - study and initiative to get more Fortune 500 companies to voluntarily release their workforce diversity data - news, links to other sources of information - news, articles, links to corporations

Diversity at Work - latest news, history, standards

Diversity Training Group - diversity training consultants

Fortune - list of most diverse in their 100 Best Companies to work for

Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility - organization with mission to improve corporate diversity for Hispanics

Diversity scorecard for the nation's largest law firms (Minority Law Journal - Spring 2002)

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