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African, Hispanic, and Asian American Demographics

The growth of Ethnic minorities in America has been phenomenal.  Since 1980, the Asian American population has almost tripled, Hispanic American more than doubled, Native American increased 62%, and African American increased 31%, while the non-ethnic population has remained almost the same. 

This is a trend that is expected to continue.  The latest estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau predict that the minority population will comprise fully half the U.S. population by the year 2050.


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Population Census reports

Overview of Race and Hispanic Origin (PDF - 2000)

The Black Population in the U.S.: March 2002 (PDF - 2003)

The Black Population:  2000 (PDF - 2001)

The Hispanic Population in the U.S.: March 2002 (PDF - 2003)

The Hispanic Population:  2000 (PDF - 2001)

The Asian and Pacific Islander Population: March 2002 (PDF - 2003)

The Asian Population:  2000 (PDF - 2002)

Demographics reports

1997 Economic Census
Surveys of Minority- and Women-
Owned Business Enterprises

Black-owned Businesses (PDF - 1996)

Hispanic-owned Businesses (PDF - 1996)

Wealth of Hispanic Households: 1996-2002 (PDF - 2004) Pew Hispanic Center

Government agencies

U.S. Census Bureau

Minority Business Development Agency

Additional links

Statistical abstract of the United States

Pew Hispanic Center

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