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The Glass Ceiling for African, Hispanic (Latino), and Asian Americans
The "glass ceiling" refers to the barriers that often confront Ethnic Americans and women in trying to reach the upper echelons of corporate America.   According to a 1995 study commissioned by the Federal Glass Ceiling Commission, 97% of the senior managers of the Fortune 1000 Industrial and Fortune 500 are white, and 95-97% are male.  This is occuring while 57% of the workforce is either Ethnic minorities, woman, or both.  The study also found that African, Hispanic (Latino), and Asian  Americans do not earn the same pay for comparable positions, African Americans earning an astounding 21% less than their white counterparts in the same job.

So what can be done about the Glass Ceiling?

  1. Realize that you cannot be equal - you must be better than your competition for promotions.  Although this sounds unfair, it is reality.  If you are going to make a solid case for being promoted, it must be a clear case.

  2. Recognize your company's philosophy.  If your company's senior management and Board of Directors has no Ethnic minorities or women, this is a bad sign.

  3. Don't waste your time.  Look to advance your career with a company that values workforce diversity and eliminating the Glass Ceiling.  Companies that don't adopt this philosophy will continually see good people leave and they will eventually come to the realization that they must change.

  4. If you have alot invested, stay and fight.  Unequal pay and consideration for promotions is discrimination under the Civil Rights Act.  See our section on workplace discrimination for more information.

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