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Diversity in the Media & Entertainment industries

Who we see, hear, and read on television, radio, newspapers, and in movies has a great deal of influence on shaping the attitudes of all Americans.  How African, Hispanic (Latino), and Asian Americans are portrayed in these mediums often stereotypes and reinforces negative images of each ethnic group.  And the lack of diversity in the media impacts how stories are covered and limits opportunities for Ethnic minorities in these professions.

According to a recent study by Children Now, the 8 to 9 PM television-viewing "family hour" is the least ethnically diverse, with only one in eight programs having a mixed cast.  This sends highly skewed messages about diversity in America to viewers, especially children.

The Screen Actors Guild, which collects ethnicity data on all casting roles in TV and film, reported that roles for African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans for the first time declined in 1998, in spite of the increasing visibility of this issue.

We should be concerned about having the casts on TV programs reflect the ethnic diversity that exists in society at large, and ensuring that news reporting is fair, balanced, and color-blind.  What can be done to change this?  Contact your TV or radio station directly to voice your concerns.  You can also write a letter to the sponsors of the programs - they are always concerned about being associated with controversy and have the power to make changes.




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Looking for Latino regulars on Prime-time television - UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center
study of diversity in the casts of prime-time television shows
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statistics on the level of diversity on the journalistic staffs of the newspapers
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study of diversity in the casting of prime-time television programs
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report on the casting of people of color for roles in films
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study shows broadcasters serving the minority community earn less per listener
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how video games create racial stereotypes that may be sending children the wrong messages
The Portrayal of Latinos on Network News (National Association of Hispanic Journalists) - PDF
illustrates how network news coverage unfairly stereotypes Latinos
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