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Workplace Diversity for African, Hispanic (Latino), and Asian Americans

In an ideal world, every person is treated equally when it comes to getting a job, advancing in their career, and being treated fairly in the workplace.  In reality, we know this is not the case.  Racial discrimination does still exist in hiring, firing, and promotions.

For African, Hispanic (Latino), and Asian Americans to overcome these challenges, they must be able to recognize the problems, understand the remedies, and be willing to take action. 

In this section, we cover the most significant factors that affect cultural diversity in the workplace.  The most obvious factor is workplace discrimination, which can come in many forms, ranging from subtle preferential treatment to an overtly hostile workplace environment.

A company can have a very diverse workforce in numbers, but still have an impenetrable Glass Ceiling.  This will lead to an unhealthy corporate culture where employees know the company's policy for determining promotions is not merit-based, and result in some of the best people leaving.

To their credit, many companies do have corporate diversity programs, which are intended to increase cultural diversity in the workplace.  While most of these programs represent a sincere effort to improve corporate culture, many of them are nothing more than a public relations ploy to deflect past controversies or bolster a company's image as a "good corporate citizen".

One effective, but controversial tool to increase workplace diversity is affirmative action.  While these programs typically achieve their intended goals, there is a common misconception that they create a quota system that results in the hiring of unqualified minorities over qualified non-minorities.


Workplace discrimination

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Corporate diversity

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Affirmative Action

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Glass Ceiling

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Job opportunities
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Professional organizations

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